Client Testimonials


Having recently worked with these folks [Fallbrook Engineering] on the cord blood device prototyping project, I can highly recommend them for their healthcare industry and medical device experience, their practicality and their ability to work quickly and cost-effectively to reach well defined project goals. Frankly, I would like to work with them again…

The Graham Sjostrand Group

It is pretty easy to find engineering groups to develop standard instrumentation or devices using current technology. It wasn't so easy finding a company that understood the capabilities of (our) combined technology and had the ability to envision ways of designing practical solution.

— Becton Dickinson

…I wanted to tell you that your service has been excellent. Your advice and the thoroughness of your company's work was exceptional.

— Inventor/M.D.

Thanks for all the great work and making it easy for me to let you do the hard work! You're definitely making me (and yourselves) look good!

— Cohesion Technologies


We could never have achieved these breakthroughs without FEI. They have been extremely innovative and have been vital to the success of this project.

— Children's Hospital of Oakland Research Institute

I just wanted to send a note to you to thank you for all your excellent work on this project. Quite frankly, without your expertise and geographical location I don't think this would be done by now. It was a new experience for BioStar doing a complete manufacturing program off site and qualifying a type of project we had never done before. You knowledge in this area was critical for our success. As you probably know, the project has been validated and released for sale in our foreign markets.

— BioStar

Your work on this project was outstanding and I want you…to know how much it was appreciated and needed. It is clear to me that we got more than we paid for and all that we needed.

Guidant CVS

On behalf of BioDerm, I would like to thank you for the assistance that you have given us, [and] your fast and professional response. It has been a pleasure working with you. We will look to Fallbrook in the future for other consulting projects that may arise.

— BioDerm