Fallbrook Engineering Joins the Designers Accord

Posted on Fri, May 13, 2011

DesignersAccord logo

Fallbrook Engineering is proud to announce it is now a member of the Designers Accord, a non-profit organization that aims to create positive environmental and social impact in the design industry.

The Designers Accord was founded in June 2007 with the primary goal of increasing sustainability awareness in the creative community. It is now a global coalition of designers, educators and business leaders working together to share methodologies, resources and experiences around environmental and social issues in design.

As a member of this organization, Fallbrook Engineering has joined 749 other design firms that are dedicated to sharing their best practices and case studies in order to facilitate new sustainability initiatives in the design community. Like all designers who focus on medical and biotech devices, Fallbrook Engineering faces the challenge of striving to create sustainable products while still meeting the demands of a rigidly controlled market. This market often requires the production of single use products made from non recyclable materials both to ensure cost efficiency and, most importantly, patient safety. Fallbrook Engineering will focus on discussing sustainable manufacturing options with our clients and design teams, such as designing for reuse and less energy intensive assembly, optimizing tool design and molding protocols to reduce waste and exploring alternative packaging options.

All at Fallbrook Engineering agree that focusing on sustainability in engineering design is an important issue for every company. States Vice President Bill Atkinson, “Working to create a more sustainable world has never been an option. It is a necessity. Joining the Designers Accord is an excellent step towards expanding our efforts.”

For more information: www.designersaccord.org

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